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Where do I start?

Every recruiting situation is different but no matter when you start there are steps you need to take to prepare yourself for the college recruitment process.

In this section we provide you with the 4 steps to get you started: Understand the process, understand where you fit, know your recruiting timeline, and develop your game plan.




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Pick Your Sport

The recruiting process can be slightly different depending on your sport of choice. Each sport has its own recruiting calendar, different ways of creating a great highlight video that will catch a coaches attention. Check out tips for your sport and other important information.

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Recruiting Timeline

This is a general layout of the timeline that a high school student-athlete can follow in an effort to play college sport.

Not all athletes start their process at the same time so we offer Rules and Tips that are relevant to the year you start your process.




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We use State-of-the-art technology to make recruiting between the student athlete and the college (coach) faster and easier than ever before. The IMRecruitable application is highly personalized and provides student-athletes and coaches with the ability to connect, communicate and manage the process.


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